Tuesday 1 May 2018

Your company determines your character

Your character is the sum of the five guys you hang out with!
It is called the law of averages. You can't hang out with negative people and expect to be anything but pessimistic. You can't swim with the "loser mentality" and expect to harvest a "winner attitude". You and I are a product of our environment. Our environment is those who live, eat, breathe and speak to our mind.
Hang out with losers, you are a loser.
Like begets like.
Hang out with conquerors and you develop a mind of conquest.
An apple tree doesn't bear bananas.
I agree. In Nandi we say "A Lion begets a (cowardly) fox". Meaning there are exceptions to the rule.
However, on average the Biblical wisdom in I Cor 15:33 is obeyed.
Bad company corrupts good morals
Instructively, the Bible doesn't say
Good company corrects bad morals
You may ask me why.
Although I have NO answer, all I can do is to imagine that behaviour and attitude obey the laws of gravity.
Negative + Positive = Negative!
Invariably, there is always a tendency to pull down what is up, much easily than it is to lift what is down!
In short, choose your company wisely. Get hooked up with negative souls and you pile up negative charges and pessimism. Get hooked up with optimists and you see the bright side and work for a future driven by positivity.
I know we all want to play the "missionary" . go convert the four bad guys to be in your league.
Go try it.
I wouldn't.
If I wanted to I need to go with a Swarm of good guys to surround a "bad guy". With a four-to-one, there is a good chance of a shift to us and our position.

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