Thursday, 14 March 2019

Honoured to be on the MARS Inc Homepage header

It is a great opportunity to help brand the company we all love. Mars Inc career section features yours truly.

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Sunday, 3 February 2019

Be Humble About What You Know

Don’t be over-confident about what you know. It’s not yours. You learned it from someone else.

And any intellectual talents you may have, are gifts. Any inherent wisdom you have is also a gift. Instead of patting yourself on the back, be thankful.

Each of us is missing a lot, in terms of our understanding of most issues. You can’t be an expert on everything. And even if you are an expert on something, there’s still a lot you’re missing.

Being an expert doesn’t mean you know everything about a particular subject. It just means you know more than most do about it. You don’t have all the pieces to the puzzle, and some of the ones you have don’t fit as neatly as you think they do.

There’s so much about this life we don’t understand. Be humble.

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Thursday, 10 January 2019

Happy New Year 2019

I wanted to wish you all a very happy and fruitful year 2019 full of challenges to help you grow!

Saturday, 13 October 2018

How to EFFECTIVELY use the LinkedIn Referral for job applicants (Dos & Don'ts)

Tips for Job-seekers on using LinkedIn.

This forum is powerful. It is your CV, as I have said before. It allows you to link with very useful resources at "no fee" (except perhaps the cost of your data!).

Jobs are posted each day and some are obviously attractive.

They are competitive.

LinkedIn, I am told, allows you to reach out to people working in those companies, who are on your connections, for support regarding your application.

It is OK to ask for recommendations from your connections if you are applying for a job in a company.


I think it would be of great help NOT to simply apply the LinkedIn template.

That is LAZY. In my opinion.

IF I wanted a job at company A, and I have a connection on LinkedIn who worked there, I'd write a PERSONAL introductory note, explain to the connection WHY I fit the profile being sought and request a referral.

IF you drop requests on people using generic templates, be sure that the person you are asking to vouch for you KNOWS you well enough to speak on your behalf. IF Not, do a brief CV of yourself.
Honestly, being a connection of LinkedIn is no more than "Accept Connection Request" for a lot of people. Passive relationships.

We hardly KNOW our connections. Maybe we "Know About" them.

That is NOT enough if you wish to be supported. You have to make a case for yourself.

  • Introduce yourself, especially focusing on your career path and relevance to the job you're applying for and for which you seek "campaign support"
  • Do a brief CV of yourself to offer talking points if your connection wishes to speak to the hiring manager about you (you don't want him/her to lack what to say about you).
  • Tell your connection WHY you are fit for the job. Remember there are many more connections using that same route to seek help. Why are you better than them?
  • Figure out how you would like someone to present themselves to you IF you were the one being asked for support.
  • Assume. Assumptions are dangerous. Don't assume that casual social media knowledge is enough to get a positive nod and support
  • Take anything for granted
  • Think you are the ONLY person asking for help!
Take every opportunity as an interview. You would like to be supported by someone who is clear that you take the application seriously and that you don't just ask them for help simply because LinkedIn nudged you to do it.

I hope this helps and happy job-hunting.

Wednesday, 26 September 2018

Honoured to be on the MARS Inc Homepage header

It is a great opportunity to help brand the company we all love. Mars Inc career section features yours truly. Visit the career sec...