Thursday 14 December 2017

In preparing for Interviews I always want to BE ME, be authentic

Being Me. Authentic, uniquely me and avoiding the faked image.

Four years today, I was taking the second interview for my what was to be an exciting time at Mars Petcare. The picture on the left was taken shortly after I was hired, in Dec 2014.

In preparation, I had watched a lot of videos on "how to prepare for your job interview" and I also read a lot of content on interview prep and how to answer questions in a way that gets you hired. I watched a lot of useful videos on "Preparation for an Assessment Centre" etc. All very useful. I watched videos on how to prepare for an interview in a German company since I was going to take my interview in Germany.

I saw all the tips on dress code (avoid white shirts, black suits and red ties unless you are interviewing for a "power" position, I was advised). I bought two or three pairs of shoes. A lot of prep on dress. Finally I settled on All Blue. My lovely colour.

I watched videos on Table Manners and how to use cutlery. I mean, I was going to have dinner with my VP and I needed to eat like a future manager!

After reading all that, I made a decision.

I wanted to BE ME. To present myself in MY WAY and not be a copycat. Yet I had to ensure that I stayed on message to answer the questions like "who are you" and "what do you bring to this role".

This is what a lot of people face each day. As a teacher and someone with a "Sunshine Profile", I would die of boredom if I were put through interviews where people have to present themselves in the self same style.

I love variety. And that means I look out for authenticity, no two people are similar. So I am afraid that I am a proponent of being self, unique.

I always see people get coached on business case preparation. How to use PESTLE (do you know this) and sticking to a SWOT analysis. But I always wonder: If ALL of us did that, what brings out the difference in us? Is it then down to the quality of the coach? If you are over coached (if there is something like that), when do you bring out the unique you?

So, in my case, I always go for the Cheison way. The BE ME way.

When I am asked to "introduce yourself", I go for an infographic (below is my "frozen" infographic that has become a useful way for me to answer the question above.

Try do an infographic for yourself and in powerpoint animate it. That is very powerful, and I found it worked in more than interviews that I have had at work. Images tell what you can't tell in 1000 words.

Best of luck in BEING YOU!
An Infographic to answer the interview question "About Me"

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