Saturday, 23 December 2017

Merry Christmas and happy and blessed 2018

You've been a blessing to me this year.
You've not told me a thing.
It you've asked me a question.
You've written something that I read.
It inspired. Challenged. Or simply filled my empty space. Or maybe you've not written, it commented on a post (and I got notified on my feed about it).
I'm blessed to have you as my connection. We are a professional family. Or perhaps family of professionals.
Whatever it is.
I wish to send warm and merry Christmas wishes for this year and a very blessed 2018.
I'm not ashamed to say merry Christmas.
Because I always tell my friends who are of Hindu faith "happy Diwali".
And I tell my friends who believe in Islam "happy Ramadan".
During those celebrations which are important to their faith.
So. As a believing Christian I don't choose some politically correct version like "happy holidays".
I'm not ashamed of the gospel of salvation.
And the birth of Jesus Christ is central to that believe.
So on his birthday I don't go general and ambiguous.
I go specific.
Merry Christmas everyone and I wish you a very blessed and successful 2018.
Christ is the Reason for the Season

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