Sunday, 17 December 2017

To be a Bitcoinnaire: either buy or mine

There are two ways to become a Bitcoinnaire
1. Buy (quick and easy). I'd not advise if the costs are a barrier
2. Mine or "dig", like mining or digging for precious stones.
To mine, you can do it in one of several ways
  1. Use your computer. It requires setup and guzzles up energy. Lots of it. You can't switch it off since several computers are solving a complex mathematical equation which when assembled provide authentication and timestamp for a coin. Miners earn about 10% of the value
  2. You can use your smartphone. Similar to 1 above.
  3. My preferred option is to rent a miner. Some companies, my preferred is a German dude with acres of servers in Iceland, rent out CPU for a fee. Visit them at
  4. Kipsigaa is also an option. These are thieves who break into safes and vaults through hacking and steal.
Choose what's convenient for you!

Please note.
When you choose to mine, you can only mine one crypto at a time. Literally, you couldn't dig for gold and copper simultaneously. It's either or.

If you're interested in buying, read my simplified guide on my other post

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